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May / 23 / 2016
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One does not simply cancel the antichrist. Help us save this wonderful show! By collecting many signatures and enough fan response, A&E might be convinced to bring it back or if not, other networks to give Damien a new home. Sign here!

9 Responses to “Netflix: #SaveDamien”
  1. Lorina says:

    Save art, save Damien

  2. Carla Parsons says:

    Please save our show Damien!!!

  3. Merlocked Emragon says:

    Please consider picking up the series Damien. Psychological horror with plot twists and turns. Showrunner Glen Mazzara has made brilliant work in weaving his story based on the original Omen film. Great premise. A grown Damien Thorn first unaware, now embracing his dark destiny.666.

  4. Sam Grainger says:

    Please someone, save this show, it is fantastik, well written and different from any other TV show out there, Maybe netflix can make it happen. PLEASE!

  5. Carlos Gonçalves says:

    This serie should not be ended that way, we want so see the second season, he have a great potential and doesn’t exist any other serie like that, which is what makes i’m so special.
    Please don’t end like that, like so many other serie that are amazing and end after 1 season.
    I hope something be made and we can get something ♥

  6. If I can’t have Damien, can I at least have The Once and Future King back. I miss him too. 😉

  7. Cindy_C says:

    One of the best series on TV this year. Loved the original approach, such storyline potential. I was looking forward to next season. Hope someone with brains save this show, and ADVERTISE because no one I that talked to had ever heard of it. And, everyone that binge watched loved it. What a waste of an excellent series.

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