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May / 15 / 2015
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With the reveal that Lowell (Bradley James) has been getting his steady supply of brains from Blaine (David Anders), and Liv’s (Rose McIver) vow to take Blaine down for killing street kids to provide a steady supply of brains for his customers, Lowell looks to be in a tricky spot between his girlfriend and his brains-supplier. So does love rule out or will the Lowell side with Blaine out of sheer preservation?

In an exclusive interview, star Bradley James teasingly talked about Lowell falling for Liv and did his best to dodge all the spoilerish questions about whether Lowell’s days are numbered in the showdown between Liv and Blaine.

As of last week’s episode, Liv finally discovered that Lowell has been getting his brain supply from Blaine. Is Lowell going to be onboard with Liv wanting to take down Blaine, or does that create a conflict for Lowell?
BRADLEY: [Laughs] Now you realize that is essentially talking about the future and all the things we haven’t seen yet. You have to try, but I am not the man to be spoiling anything.

Is Lowell going to be rooting for Liv in her quest or is he going to be saying, “Hey, don’t go there?”
BRADLEY: [Laughs] Come on, I wasn’t born yesterday! Nice try.

Do you think Lowell at this point is falling for Liv? Or is he merely happy to have someone that he can relate to and to have around to hang out with?
BRADLEY: I think you could argue that most relationships tend to start with trying to figure out if you like a person and you go from there. I’d say that part of that development that you go through in relationships, and I think that is maybe where Liv and Lowell are at the moment. It’s where you figure out stuff about a person and how much you enjoy spending time with them.

To hear Lowell describe it, he kind of fell in love at first sight. Do you think that is true or do you think he was just enamored with Liv, initially?

BRADLEY: I think there are probably a few factors: (1) while Liv is very pale, she is still not difficult to look at, (2) she’s a zombie, and (3) she’s a lot of fun. So I think there is no reason for why he shouldn’t take a liking to her. I guess there is no kind of rule book on the futures of a zombie relationship, but there seem to be many reasons for him to fall for her.

What do you like about their relationship? What for you has been fun about it?
BRADLEY: I like the fact that they both play when they get together — even when they first spoke. It was a bit tentative at first on Liv’s side because she thought Lowell might be a murderer, but once she figured out he wasn’t, there has been a lot of playfulness.

If you were putting odds on them making it as a couple, should fans be betting for them to have the romance of the century coming up?
BRADLEY: I think everyone is aware that there is also a “Major” question-mark in the background, and his name is in fact Major (Robert Buckley). So I would say that is something that will eventually be addressed because we get the feeling that Major is endgame. That’s how the show starts its premise and so I think there is probably a large portion of the fans who are rooting for the poor guy. He’s getting beaten up a lot and it seems he’s taken a lot of facial injuries. I think his fan base will slowly build and kind of root for him a bit.
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May / 13 / 2015
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I’ve added to the gallery x210 HD screencaps of Bradley from iZombie episode 1.09 ‘Patriot Brains’. This episode was so intense! Brilliant job Bradley!

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May / 13 / 2015
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They may have met under less than ideal circumstances, but things have really been working out for Liv and Lowell on “iZombie.”

Last week though, just as it seemed that Liv (Rose McIver) was throwing herself into having fun with her cute British zombie beau (Bradley James), an unsettling feeling (and vision) set in. While taking the elevator in Lowell’s building, Liv spotted Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) strolling up carrying orange food coolers, and it prompted a vision hinting at the murderous side of Blaine’s new brain food delivery service.

How will that effect the Liv/Lowell zombie romance? During a break from filming A&E’s upcoming drama “Damien” (about the a grown up Damien from “The Omen”), Bradley told Access Hollywood what’s to come on his CW series. At the end of last week’s episode, Blaine appeared to be making a special delivery to [Lowell’s] apartment, which begs the question, where is your character getting his food from?

Bradley James: It does beg the question and perhaps, you know, I think essentially the answer’s right there — your man, your delivery service, Mr. DeBeers, who’s turning up, dropping off a few special packages. Yeah, I guess that’s the first sign of it. There’s not been too many questions of Lowell’s eating habits, thankfully. He’s been able to skirt that issue just by attempting to charm Liv and essentially kiss her as much as he can, so I think he’s just – any time she’s probably asked that question, he’s just thrown his face at her.

Access: Should that really be the first question all zombies ask other potential dates – ‘Where do you get your brains from?’

Bradley: I suppose it’s depending upon the moral standards of said zombie. If you’re going to be all high and mighty about it, then yeah, ask that question, whereas if you’re a bit more relaxed as zombie culture goes, then you just let ’em get on with it and hope that you don’t find out.

Access: Do you think Lowell is questioning where Blaine gets his supply from?

Bradley: That’s a good question. … I would say there’s an aspect to Lowell where perhaps he doesn’t want to know.

Access: Obviously Liv was in the elevator and saw Blaine coming up with the orange cooler bags. Is she going to confront him? What are we going to get to see with [them]?

Bradley: I’m not sure I can answer that because that’s essentially telling you what happens in the next episode, but you know, obviously it’s going to provide some level of confrontation because it’s not – Liv comes from a very privileged place, really, if you think about it. It’s so easy when you work in a morgue and you have delivered brains, but there are many folks out there who don’t work in morgues as zombies, so I think there’s probably a deeper question to be asked about, you know, it’s all right being judgmental, but we don’t all have lives [suited] for that lifestyle. So, throw that little thing in the mix for you to have a little think about.

Access: Is there any chance we’re going to get to see you go full zombie? Did you want to go full zombie on this show and have one of those freak out zombie sequences?

Bradley: [In the] very first episode [I was in], there was this ever such a tease about going to go into full zombie mode… I was talking to Rose and saying, ‘What’s your take on this? What’s the physicality?’ And I talked to her about it and then I sort of had a think about it myself and then we did a scene where I’m in the plane, and it’s someone’s flashback and I’m just about to sort of kick off and they go, ‘Cut,’ and I was like, ‘Uh, hold on a minute, that wasn’t even half zombie, let alone full zombie,’ and so I was denied, but let’s wait and see if that opportunity then arises later on, I would say.

Access: So you’ve gone from ‘iZombie’ to filming ‘Damien.’ How cool is that?

Bradley: Cool is a word you could use. I would say one of the things about acting that I love so much is the variety — variety is the spice of life, as I bore people with that saying all the time. And yeah, going from the fun frolicking around of ‘iZombie’ to [the] more darker and serious nature of ‘Damien’ is part of that variety that my profession provides and I’m a very lucky boy right now ’cause as I say, [I’m in] Toronto having a whale of a time, much like I did on ‘iZombie.’ I had a fantastic time in Vancouver, shooting ‘iZombie,’ but for differing reasons, I’m having an equally as fantastic a time in Toronto at the moment filming ‘Damien,’ but very much different experiences. (Source)

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May / 13 / 2015
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Bradley James is having his American-TV-By-Way-Of-Canada Moment.

You can’t say that the British actor is poised on the brink of a breakout, because he spent five seasons as Prince-the-King Arthur on NBC and then Syfy’s “Merlin,” but this is a different sort of breakout that James is nearing.

On The CW’s “iZombie“, James has been turning heads as Lowell, a still-mostly-potential love interest for Rose McIver’s Liv. Like Liv, Lowell is an undead brain-eater, a character introduced only as a one-off but extended throughout the show’s spring run. While “iZombie” still has us suspecting that Rob Buckley’s Major is Liv’s long-term love, Lowell has been offering ample and increased complication.

It’s too early to know what the plan is for Lowell through the end of the first “iZombie” season and into the freshly ordered second, but James may have ample complications himself.

James went from the Vancouver set of “iZombie” to Toronto to star in “Damien,” the “Omen” sequel series that has had a Lowell-esque extension-of-fortune, going from a six-episode order on Lifetime to the vote of confidence of a 10-episode order on A&E.

It remains to be seen how one role will or won’t impact the other, but as Lowell is making Liv swoon on The CW, James is embodying the future Antichrist, a gig that apparently requires a lot of running.

Last week, on the heels of the “iZombie” renewal, I got on the phone with James to talk about the zombification process, Lowell’s possible ulterior motives and the need to resist the temptation to invent the brains your character might have eaten if that information isn’t in the script.

I asked James how Lowell might behave if he ate Damien Thorn’s brains and rather that going someplace dark, he spoke glowingly of Damien’s athletic prowess.

Good to know!

HitFix: First off, congratulations on the renewal which I assume in a non-spoilery way still applies to you?

Bradley James: Well I’m very excited about it. I have to say I’m very proud of the, let’s call a spade a spade, the main cast who do all the hard work essentially. And I got in touch with them straightaway to offer my congratulations because I think it’s much deserved. I certainly don’t think I can take any credits for that occurrence, but I’m very pleased that it’s happened.

HitFix: Now speaking about Lowell because he’s very fastidious about his appearance we don’t really see him looking like a zombie. But how do you kind of consciously keep in mind that there is that side to this character?

Bradley James: Well, Lowell is obviously a man who has a public appearance to keep up which, unlike any of the others zombies, he has a profile. And so there’s a bit more at stake there for him and therefore I think he’s much more aware of those aesthetic attributes, because he has to be, being somewhat in the public eye. So I think you really touched on that in your question. It’s he has much more of an awareness perhaps of the physical aesthetic of it.

HitFix: Do you think that there’s an aspect of overcompensating to him maybe?

Bradley James: You could say that with most people in the music world. They overcompensate with their fashion to such extremes, because they’re under such a spotlight. They have to produce some form of image for, you know, audiences, fans to lock onto. And so Lowell wouldn’t be the first person guilty of that.

HitFix: When you came on board Rose had already been doing this zombie thing for a while. Did you have any conversations with her about the rules that she gave herself and what she was doing that you wanted to sort of work into your performance?

Bradley James: Yes, I did actually. I’ve been asked a lot about “zombie mode.” That was the first thing that was written in the script very early on that “Lowell goes into zombie mode.” I thought, “Alright. Well, I better make sure that we’re on the same page as Rose here because if we’re both thinking completely different things…” obviously I hadn’t seen the show before that so I didn’t have anything to reference. So yeah, Rose, apart from being terrific to work with is very generous in her approach and just made my life much easier both on set and off set because off set preparing for the role and and then once we got on-set as well.
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May / 10 / 2015
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May / 6 / 2015
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I’ve added to the gallery x110 HD screencaps of Bradley from iZombie episode 1.08 ‘Dead Air’.

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May / 4 / 2015
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