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Aug / 20 / 2015
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Hello everyone! Those of you who follow our Twitter account (@bjamesfan) may have read about our recent hosting change, but for those who don’t: Our previous hosting,, closed, so we had to moved to another one. We are now hosted by Flaunt Network, and our previous url is gone. From now on, this site will be accessible through the address BRADLEYJAMESFAN.NET. If you have us credited anywhere, please switch the links.

Since the url is changed, it’s possible you find some broken links so please, let us know so we can fix it ( My apologies for the trouble and thanks to Flaunt for hosting us (:

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Jun / 5 / 2013
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Hello everyone!!

Welcome to Bradley James Fan, your newest source about actor Bradley James, we aim to bring the latest news, images and more. We are always welcome to image donations and give out credit so if you want email us at  You can also take a look to our Gallery , follow us on twitter (@bjamesfan) and come back soon. Thanks, Carola.

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