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Jun / 18 / 2014
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Good news! So according to Bradley’s agency page, he is going to play ‘Lt. J. G. Edgars’ on Season 4 of US series ‘Homeland’. There isn’t more details about the role but we’ll post more information if something new comes up (:

“Homeland” is returning for a fourth season this fall, but Showtime has not revealed a set date for the new season of the Emmy-winning CIA drama. Given that the first three seasons of “Homeland” had a premiere date in late September or early October, that time frame is most likely when the new season will air. Additionally, fans have pointed out that when you Google “Homeland season 4 air date” in the search engine, the premiere date is said to be Oct. 19, 2014.

The show is filming in South Africa. The creative team of the show revealed on the “Homeland” Tumblr that most of season 4’s filming will be oversees. In June, the show will be filming in Cape Town, South Africa and will be on-set till November. (more info)

2 Responses to “Bradley James will play ‘Lt. J. G. Edgars’ on Season 4 of ‘Homeland’”
  1. Lisa Davis says:

    I’ll be watching! I am an avid Merlin and Bradley James fan. I think you are a wonderful actor. Best of luck to you and thanks for the great entertainment.

  2. Guido says:

    The military advisor must have taken the day off for Bradley’s scene. His character says his rank is “1st Lieutenant JG,” a rank that does not exist in the U.S. military. Lieutenant JG is a U.S. Navy rank (O-2) and 1st Lieutenant is a U.S. Air Force rank. The pilot was supposedly flying a F-15E which is U.S. Air Force and he is wearing the Air Force “blues” uniform. Which brings me to the uniform, which is incorrect because as a Pilot or WSO (i.e. Navigator) in the F-15E he would be required to wear his Pilot (or Navigator) wings. But there is no reason he would even be in that uniform as a combat aviator in Afghanistan. He would be wearing a desert tan flight suit. Most guys wouldn’t even pack a set of the formal “Blues” uniform for a deployment.

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